Donating blood (the French way)

I was a little late for the meeting and when I walked in they were discussing butter: ‘yes but exactly how much are we budgeting for?’ Talk then turned to how many courses and whether a piece of fruit would suffice for pudding. As usual, discussions were detailed and lengthy and as usual the resulting decisions were exactly the same as last time: 3 courses, fruit at the end, and if you were in the last cohort you’d benefit from a glass of wine from the mayor.

It was only when I saw the poster that I realised they were talking about the dinner served after you’ve given blood.

No wonder the villages take it in turns to host.

preparations for winter

With Tempête Alex wreaking havoc in the south-east of France, essential work is taking place here in Édon…

new chickens!

Beryl, Meryl, Bianca and Cindy have just joined us at Le Maillard. Whilst awaiting more elaborate quarters (a large poulailler with double egg box), Ann has rigged up an old dog kennel.